• Career guidance

    Career guidance

The career guidance service provided by ENTI Alumni, allows our alumni to get in touch with professionals and experts of the video games sector, so that you can receive individually assessment in the development of your career.

You will also receive advice on:

  • Analisis on your professional career or further studies
  • The classification of your professional goals that you have in mind
  • The plannification of your professional career
  • Helpful tools: how to prepare your CV, how to improve your networking how you can create your personal branding, and other useful tools in your professional development
  • How to do in the search of a job

If you are interested in receiving a constant monitoring over a certain period of time in the development of your career, you can become part of our Mentoring Program. Enter with your access codes and you will find the calendar to request the mentoring of a mentor who can guide you according to his experience and knowledge.

If you have experience and knowledge that you think may be helpful in the professional development of other professionals in the world of video games, and you want to share to our alumni, we encourage you to become part of our Mentoring Program. Just send us an e-mail at our address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ENTI Alumni supports its members in their professional development, and has several services, such as job boards and professional guidance, networking, various activities and discounts through its benefits plan.

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